Photobooth for adoption

We, at Zoohey, will offer you photo reports about oldies (dogs, cats and other pets). This project is largely inspired by the work of several photographers, including Guinnevere Shuster. She authored Shelter Dogs in a photo booth.

Shelter Dogs in a photo booth by Guinnevere Shuster

Guinnevere is an animal lover, she began her work while studying at the University of Utah, encouraged by a classmate to dedicate some of her time to stray animals. Her style and investment finally paid off when the Humane Society of Utah offered her a full-time position. Her photos of shelter animals, taken with such a unique style, would have led, she hoped, to the adoption of most of her models.

Shelter dogs photoboothis a book featuring dogs with cheeky muzzles. Each dog shows his best assets, four shots with different angles taken without pressure or disrespect. We know that our four-legged friends have their own personality and we can ensure you that the goal was not to abuse them to get "the perfect shot". Here, we intend to show them, just the way they are. Don’t you want to give your paw? No worries! Give what you want buddy! A real work done with respect and a certain closeness. The protagonists are shown at their best, enhanced by such a good work. Need a little extra? At the end of the book, you will find the happy ending of some of the fellows. We admit that the book is a little outdated, but Guinnevere's work is still relevant.

We love it, don’t you?

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